From a postcard image of the 1920's, the French Broad River near Asheville, North Carolina.  The foreground shows the remains of an old settlers road and ferry crossing.   An early 20th century railroad bridge is in view.


The names of our ancestors . . . .  
are pressed like flowers
between pages of old document books, to remind us
 to remember their journeys.  Pedigree they were, from an old country, arriving in a foreign wilderness.   Their  heavy timbered wagons ferried across wide rivers, made their way through laurel covered mountain gaps - and arrived to settle
 on land of flowered meadow.
   Generation after generation said their last goodbyes along early frontier fences before the march to the pull and tug and the bleeding of history.  Our ancestors are disciples of their time -  we bring them home to rest at our living hearth.  We prepare an honored place at the long table of family.  We give them lodging in our hearts.   Their names and deeds show us the way along the long road of their journeys. . . .
they are of the perennial spirit,
 and in the script of their stories they will flower, and we will know them.

Iris Wagner, 2014

 Jones and Garman Families
of West Buncombe -
Foster, Alexander, Sams & White Families of
Asheville & Swannanoa -
Stepp, Porter, Young, Hemphill Families

of Burke & East Buncombe County,
 North Carolina

_____________    J ______________ 

Scotland, Glasgow- Govan (?)
Ulster, Northern Ireland
to Albemarle County, Virginia  c1755

Joshua Jones and Elinor Medley
c1740 - 1838

Old Burke, Wilkes and Buncombe Counties,
North Carolina  1778 - 1838
Stephen Jones  1773 Albemarle, Virginia
Jane "Jennie" Hayes,  lived Henderson Co., North Carolina

Jackson Jones  1775  Albemarle, Virginia
Elizabeth ? ,  lived Cherokee Co., North Carolina

Mary Jones  1778 Albemarle, Virginia
 Jesse Israel -  lived Buncombe, North Carolina

Russel Jones  1780 , Burke, North Carolina
 Sarah Hayes -  lived Cocke Co., Tennessee

Thomas Jones  1782, Burke, North Carolina
  Ann ?   - lived Buncombe, North Carolina 

William Jones  1785 , Burke, North Carolina
Ann Maloney (?) - lived Buncombe, North Carolina

Nancy Jones  1789  Wilkes, North Carolina
 George W. Jones -  lived Buncombe, North Carolina

Frances Jones  1791, Wilkes, North Carolina
 Abram Penland - lived Cocke Co., Tennessee

Joshua Jones, Jr.  1795  Wilkes, North Carolina
  Lurana Stewart
 - lived Henderson Co., North Carolina

 _____________  J ______________
William Jones  1785 - 1845
 Ann Maloney (?)
lived Sulphur Springs, west Asheville,
Buncombe County, North Carolina

 _____________  J ______________
Joshua Russel Jones  1815 - 1899
 Laura Marinthia Garman

 Sulphur Springs, West Asheville,
Buncombe County, North Carolina
Marcus Maloney Jones
Rachel Jane Stepp
Tolitha A. Jones
Eldridge Wilson
Robert Russel Jones
Henry Calvin Jones
Millard Govan Jones
Sarah Jane Harkins
Hershel Springfield Harkins

_____________   J  ______________

Alexander Porter
Jane Young

Rosannah Jane Porter
William McDonald Hemphill
Isabella Anna Porter
Joshua P. Stepp
William Y. Porter
John H. Porter
Sarah Malinda Hemphill
Elizabeth Louise Porter
William Gilliam
Nancy S. Porter
John Stepp
Martha M. Porter
Richard J. Fortune
Mary A. Porter
William Stepp


Marcus Maloney Jones
Sulphur Springs , West Asheville
Buncombe County,  North Carolina


Rachel Jane Stepp
Swannanoa & Black Mountain,
Buncombe County, North Carolina

Nora Isabella Jones
(1) C. Stinnett
      (2) William Grant
Joshua Alexander Jones
died infancy
Rosanna "Annie" Jones
Arthur Walton
Arthur Govan Jones
Mary Gorman
Hester  Isabella Jones
Samuel Turner
William Orlando Jones
Doctor Calhoun Jones
Winfred Lee Jones

Sarah Lenora Foster
 Martha Gibbs

Robert Maloney Jones
Eva Fuller
Frances Burroughs Jones
Daniel Webster Whisenhunt

_____________   J  ______________

Winfred Lee Jones
 Sarah Lenora Foster
Swannanoa & Black Mountain,
Buncombe County, North Carolina

Bonnie Katherine Jones
 Winfred Lee Foster
(also known as Winford)


Winfred Lee Jones
 Martha Gibbs
Black Mountain, North Carolina
and Lake Toxaway, North Carolina

Winfred Lee Jones, Jr.
Ruby Jones
William Jones
Clyde Jones
Jack Jones
Morris Jones
Joe Jones
Dixie Jones
Charles Jones

_____________   J  ______________

Winfred Lee Jones
 Sarah Lenora Foster
Swannanoa & Black Mountain,
Buncombe County, North Carolina

children with Sarah Lenora Foster
Bonnie Katherine Jones
 Winfred Lee Foster
(also known as Winford)

_____________    J  ______________

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